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“Behind every happy wife is a strong, supportive husband.”


Behind every happy wife is a strong, supportive husband.


In a relationship, it is important that you and your partner know what roles you will play in order to maintain a good and long-term relationship.


But the sad reality is that this is not usually discussed by couples, until they come to marriage where there is no escape and one can no longer play his role properly in the relationship.


What are the roles of men and women in a relationship? In a relationship, it’s highly-advised that the man takes the lead, while the woman supports the important aspects of the relationship. Head and neck, so to speak.


What important aspects of the relationship need leadership and support?



For a relationship to work really well, you need a balanced mental state. You can’t both be hot-headed, angry, panicking, or out of the mood.


This is where male leadership comes in. As women are known for being moody, and men are usually calm people, it is good for the man to take the lead in calming the mental state of his girlfriend or wife.


Nothing good can happen if in a fight or misunderstanding you are both hot and angry. Will you take pride if you really love the person? It is good to put it aside so that the integration will be more smooth.


And of course, when the man is hot-tempered or not in the mood, it is important for the woman to be a source of mental support. Don’t keep up. If possible, let mister’s temper go away first, cool your head first, and then you two talk calmly and properly.



Women are often emotional. Men, on the other hand, like to hide their feelings.

In a relationship, you can’t be both emotional. You can’t both harbor feelings. And one can’t be emotional, and the other harbors a grudge.


When it comes to a situation where one is emotional or harboring an attitude, one needs to be open-minded to balance it.



Reality check, the husband is often the breadwinner in the family, while the wife is the breadeater. Hahahaha! But seriously, for men, it is important to be hardworking for family expenses. For wives, we need to be wise budgeters and spenders so that the husband’s hard-earned money goes well.


Of course, it is also better if you both earn money. So that both of you are happy and don’t worry about money.



◉Are you married or have a girlfriend?

Who often leads and supports the two of you?

How can the bond between the two of you be stronger?

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