“Behind every happy wife is a strong, supportive husband.”   Behind every happy wife is a strong, supportive husband.   In a relationship, it is important that you and your partner know what roles you will play in order to maintain a good and long-term relationship.   But the sad reality is that this is… Continue reading THE PERFECT RELATIONSHIP


“It is important for the couple to work together in budgeting, so that the whole family can be happier.“   Who needs to be the breadwinner in the family?   The husband or the wife?   Well, fellow, of course it’s the man who should be working in the family. But because the world is… Continue reading BREADWINNERS


“In order for you to really know your purpose in life.”   Every now and then, we hear the question “What’s your purpose in life?”. And every time we hear that question, we often don’t have an answer.   Some people take decades to know their purpose in life. Some people fail, some succeed, and… Continue reading A PURPOSEFUL LIFE