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rabies is not innate or inborn. This means not all dogs are born with rabies. Not all puppies have rabies. It is also not true that puppy rabies is stronger than adult dog. Rabies is a virus (Rhabdovirus). A dog will only get rabies when it is bitten by a rabid dog, cat, racoon, or bat. It is not true that rabies is transmitted in dirty places such as garbage or rotten food.


A dog with rabies has a fixed life span of no more than 2 weeks. So the dog dies with rabies because he is already infected with the virus and has climbed into the brain. So the dog goes crazy when there is rabies because of it. There is no truth in the fact that when a dog dies, it is because it has bitten a person and contracted rabies. A dog with rabies will die and die whether it bites a human or not. It has nothing to do with biting the person.


What to do if a dog is bitten or scratched? Does the scratch also have rabies? Can garlic cure rabies?


Let’s find out the history of our dog. When we take care of the dog at home and not a stray dog, and it is bitten or scratched because of the harutan, it most likely does not have rabies. Like I said rabies is not inborn in dogs and when you have rabies. The first thing to do is wash and soap the bitten area to prevent infection. Infection or germ that can enter the wound and not the rabies. So usually we give an anti-tetanus vaccine. Yes, scratching also has rabies when a dog or cat has rabies. So with rabies the scratch is not because of the nail, because it is when a dog or cat licks his hands. Garlic does not cure rabies. This is untrue.


The ones I mentioned are fact and based on what I have studied and knowledge. The decision is still up to you.


Do I need to be vaccinated for rabies when a dog is bitten or scratched?


This answer is fact only. If you take care of your dog, you know the parent dog and where it came from, just at home, not bitten by another dog or cat outside, especially if there is a rabies vaccine, the answer is NO. Most likely your dog does not have rabies. All you need is an anti-tetanus vaccine to prevent infection due to the wound. If the veterinarian or vet is asked and sees or evaluates that the pet dog is healthy, he will not require it. But there is nothing wrong if you are skeptical and you don’t know much about the rabies virus and you want peace of mind. It is only natural that when you go with the doctors, suggest injecting first dose then observe dog. If the dog does not die there is no need to continue. But there are also doctors who will ask about the dog if it is pet or how it was bitten, if the dog went crazy and bit or was bitten because of the harutan. The others are just anti-tetanus vaccines. If the patient insists, there is no problem if he wants to inject for rabies. If a stray dog ​​bites you or you are bitten outside the house and you are not a dog, this is the time for you to get an injection for rabies and anti tetanus. When a dog dies, shots must be completed. The dog must also be brought to RITM. Its head is cut off and examined by specialists for confirmatory.


The ones I mentioned are fact and based on what I have studied and knowledge. The decision is still up to you.

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