You and your husband should be partners in decision making, especially with money because it is a big obligation.   Have you ever wondered where the wages you and your husband have gone? Or does the salary just arrive as if it suddenly runs out?   Know the money traps that couples need to avoid… Continue reading MONEY TRAPS


Don’t waste the blessings you receive.Need to learn to invest for the future   What are the financial lessons we can learn from Kobe Bryant? Seriously, when I found out, I was not only impressed with him, he was really a idol.   Very good not only in the field of his sports but also… Continue reading FINANCIAL LESSONS


It is not only money that we need to invest to advance. It also needs to be mixed with the right strategy and good attitude. When we start earning our own money, we often get overwhelmed with spending and soon, that overspending becomes a lifestyle.   We don’t immediately think of other things we can… Continue reading INVESTMENT FOR BEGINNERS


The idle mind is the playground of the devil. Since many people are now at home, many people may not know what to do. I’m so bored at home. That’s why I thought of creating this blog to make our home quarantine productive. It is very important to.   STAY PRODUCTIVE Let’s not just eat… Continue reading STAY PRODUCTIVE