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“Married life is happy if there is no argument about money.”


One of the important things that a couple must agree on is money. They need to carefully plan the budget for the house, electricity, water, food, their children’s needs, and other expenses. But it’s also inevitable to have a little argument when it comes to money.


Before ending up in a serious misunderstanding, it is good to resolve such problems immediately. Here are the reasons for couples’ major money fights:


Shopping and Saving Habits 

Shopping habits. Many of us like to buy things even though we don’t need them and it’s not in our budget. Sometimes we get carried away with sales in malls and everywhere else. This is one that couples often argue about. One person thinks that they should save more but the other one regrets not being able to buy things that are not needed yet. Must learn to handle money. If it’s not really necessary, you can just postpone it.


Saving habits. This is the person who prefers to restrict money and just put most of the savings. There is nothing wrong with shopping and saving. The couple must find a balance between saving and spending.


Who Pays for What and Who Has the Final Say

There are couples who both earn money and there are also couples who only have one income. But remember, the goal in marriage is not to compete with one another but to complete one another. The couple should work together on the goods and pay.


It can be based on the personality of the couple who has the final say. Whoever is good at handling money may have the final say. The husband can give his opinion. Everyone has their own abilities that can be used for a good marriage. The last say can be who knows more about the particular matter. Find your strengths and support each other. Partners should be a team.


Support For Extended Family

It is not easy especially for us Filipinos. As much as we can, we want to support our parents and relatives. However, their priority is not their own family. The couple needs to have a stand and talk to them clearly about their priority to support. They can still be a blessing to their extended families. There’s nothing wrong with helping out, but make sure you have some left over for your own family. And support should be okay on both sides.



What kind of couple money fights have you experienced?

How can you solve it?

How will you keep the financial aspect of your family in order?

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