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22 Self-Care Ideas

22 Self-Care Ideas!


1.) Meditation
2.) Bubble Bath
3.) Massage
4.) Breathwork
5.) Read
6.) Yoga
7.) Spa
8.) Exercise
9.) Walk in nature
10.) Hair Salon
11.) Spend time in your happy place
12.) Play with your dog
13.) Walk your dog
14.) Nail Salon
15.) Get 8 hours of sleep.
16.) Eat healthy food (self-care is
not just treating yourself with a
huge tub of icecream Or large pizza)
17.) Drink plenty of water
18.) Cut yourself from toxic people
around you.
19.) Talk to yourself, acknowledge
your thoughts and emotions.
20.) Be grateful.
21.) Cry it out.
22.) Use social media wisely.
Unfollow accounts which spread
negativity or which compel you to
compare yourself with others or
be sad about not being enough or
doing enough.

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