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Be prepared to move on

Friendships weave and form an important fabric of our lives and these small relationships sort of influence and shape the people we become. We make friends when we find likeminded people or those who have the same interests and values as us. We seek out those people who make our lives a joyous experiences, These friendships help us develop, open our minds and push us to become better people.


The harsh reality is to realize that you and a friend have drifted apart. All of a sudden you have more differences than commonalities and the friendship you once shared begins to lose its importance and meaning.

Ending a friendship is hard. It leaves a void in our life and we try to find a fault within ourselves. But quite often its about the other person too.


When these incidents happen, Similarities become differences and meeting up becomes an obligation rather than joy. Finally your friend becomes an acquaintance and fades away into the shadows. These feelings are extermely hard to handle. The question is do we as friends deserve a closure and a reason why this happens. It may have happened with you at school, at your college or at work.


All of us experience this atleast once in life. Be prepared to move on and not hold onto something which is actually long gone.

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