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We accept the love we think we deserve

We accept the love we think we deserve.

Our sense of self worth plays an important role in our choices. We make choices based on our self worth. We choose anything that we think fits with our self worth without questioning and without even knowing that we chose them.


These choices, these sub conscious choices that we make, sometimes (or most of the times) lead us to the journey of self doubts and self pitying. We start doubting ourselves, “I am nothing” “I don’t deserve anything” “I don’t deserve to ask much” “I don’t have worth”. We start feeling bad for ourselves for not finding the kind of love, the kind of person we deserve. And so we often end up blaming our fate.


We don’t really realize that we never ask too much, we just ask to the wrong one. We deserve everything we desire. We deserve more than our doubts. We deserve this universe. You my fellow soul, you deserve this universe.


Only by being more conscious, more aware about ourselves, our patterns and our self worth, we can change our fate. When we are aware about what we truly deserve, we can say no to anything that doesn’t match with our level of worth.

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