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Looking for an outstanding cover letter sample for UX and UI designing job posting s on Upwork? Yes, you are absolutely right to look up here. We will provide you with all the hidden tips and strategy to write a killer Upwork cover letter especially for UX and UI designing job posting s on Upwork.



Upwork cover letter, you know, is not simply a letter at all. Whenever you are writing an upwork cover letter you are trying to convince an employer to select you among other competitors. So, you must create your cover letter in such a way that may help your employer understand your worthiness and the difference from others.

What do UX and UI Design Exactly Mean?

There are a number of freelancers who write cover letters for UX and UI Designing job postings on upwork not even knowing about UX and UI Design properly. So, let’s take a clear idea about it before starting with the cover letter. Generally, the term UX Design refers to ‘User Experience Design’, while UI is the abbreviation of the term ‘User Interface Design‘.


As a freelancer you must know the difference of the terms even though they work closely together. In a plain word, UI Design is closely connected to the graphic design, whereas UX Design is a technical and analytical field. But the responsibilities of UX Design are more complex than UI Design.


Important Terms to know:

Even after knowing the about UX and UI Design you should have a clear idea and proficiency in the following terms before applying for any UX and UI design related job.

  1. Icon Designing
  2. Photoshop, Illustrator
  3. Copy writing
  4. Story Boarding
  5. FX animation
  6. Sketch Design
  7. Public Relations and Promotions
  8. Account Planning
  9. Online Marketing
  10. Media Buying
  11. Concept Development
  12. Digital Illustration
  13. Market Research

Dear Hiring Manager,


I am here to represent myself as a qualified candidate for the post of UX & UI Designer as you posted online. I fit best for your need for my brilliant result in academic progress and the working experience that I have in the field. I am a Master of Science with a Bachelor degree of Engineering on Computer Science and Technology. From my student life I have been enjoying working in web programming as well as web developing that eventually have made me a proficient user of PHP, CSS, HTML, Java and more. I also have working experience with the creative sites for instance – Adobe Creative Suite, Illustrator, Photoshop and Dreamweaver. I also love to work with animation software.


As I have been working for years with UI Development you may trust me with any of your UI task. I have the required qualification, skill, talent, proficiency and willingness to work hard under any pressure. I have a sharp sense of UI & UX Design with creative ability to support you with your designing task in both aspects web as well as software.


You may check my profile for your further convenience. Thank you for taking time reviewing the letter. I’ll look forward to your response. I’m always available on Email and Skype.


Sincerely Yours

(Your Name)

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