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PDP-Laban allied Cebu execs want PRRD to run VP in 2022 elections

PDP-Laban allied Cebu execs want PRRD to run VP in 2022 elections.

Cebu politicians allied with PDP-Laban have signed a unified manifesto urging President Rodrigo Duterte to run for vice president in the 2022 elections.


The manifesto was signed by 28 Cebu officials and PDP-Laban leaders and members during a private meeting held Wednesday with Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi, vice chairman of PDP-Laban. In attendance were 18 mayors, three vice mayors, three congressmen and three board members.


Cusi revealed that some PDP-Laban-allied mayors in Metro Manila have passed a resolution, pushing for Duterte to run as VP in next year’s polls.


“Cebu officials are adopting this resolution,” the official said in an interview. “We are calling on members of the PDP to be proactive.


The manifesto also expressed support for the continuity of the government’s 10-point socio-economic agenda and the ongoing COVID-19 response plan, particularly the nationwide vaccination program.

In the manifesto, the signatories expressed unity with their party chairman, Duterte. They pointed out that with the President’s “steadfast leadership and strong public support of his agenda for change, the government will be able to expeditiously and effectively deliver our people, our communities, our economy back to good health.”
“With the impending transition of power in 2022, we further commit to support a transition of leadership that will guarantee continuity of President Duterte’s socio-economic agenda,” the manifesto stated.


The ruling party also noted that “since 2016, the government, under the able leadership of our Party Chairman, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, has made great strides in its battle against the scourge of drugs, terrorism, insurgency, corruption and poverty.”
It added that last year, natural disasters including typhoons, a devastating Taal Volcano eruption, and an unforeseen worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, has “set back government’s efforts, especially its economic growth targets and infrastructure development plans.”
“Therefore, We the undersigned leaders and members of the PDP hereby resolved to convince our party chairman, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, to represent PDP as its vice-presidential candidate in the national elections in 2022,” the resolution stated.


Secretary Michael Lloyd Dino of Office of the Presidential Assistant for the Visayas (OPAV) said they will give the President the “freedom and free will” to choose his running mate in the coming elections.
“What I know he wants Senator Bong Go to run for president. Whoever is his choice, we will support the President. We will fully support his choice and the tandem,” Dino said.
He believes that Senator Go has proven his capability as a public servant, considering the many projects and programs he has done for the Filipino people.
Dino cited Go’s most notable achievements such as the institutionalization of Malasakit Centers. This project has helped a lot of indigent Filipinos who are given access to free healthcare, and relief aid to those who have been affected by calamities.


“We hope the President will accept our manifesto,” Dino said.
To recall, Duterte has repeatedly introduced Go as his “president” in various functions both of them had attended.
Cusi pointed out that their ultimate goal is for the government’s agenda of change to continue, particularly in solving the problems of illegal drugs and corruption, and delivering of services to the community.
“We want the continuation of this leadership, this administration, and its 10-point agenda,” he said.

The ruling party’s manifesto further noted that it is confident that “by continuing the economic programs and infrastructure projects established under the Duterte administration, our country’s recovery from the crippling effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic is ensured.”

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