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How are parking spaces for people with disabilities?

How are parking spaces for people with disabilities?

Did you know that people with disabilities are entitled to exclusive parking spaces? This benefit is guaranteed by law and facilitates the accessibility of this portion of the population, improving their quality of life.


However, even though it is a guaranteed right, many people do not know how parking spaces for people with disabilities work and how to guarantee this benefit. To answer your questions on the subject, we prepared this post. Want to know more? Then, follow along.


Who can use it?


Exclusive parking spaces are the right of people with physical disabilities, whether they are drivers or passengers of the vehicle, who have difficulties in getting around or have reduced mobility. These conditions fall into three conditions:


a person with ambulatory physical disability in the lower limbs who has difficulty walking;
people with physical disabilities due to mental disability, who have difficulty walking on their own; people with temporarily reduced mobility, with a high degree of impairment, who are unable to walk by medical request.


How to get the benefit?


It’s not just seeing a priority spot and parking. To enjoy the benefit, it is necessary to undergo prior accreditation. This measure facilitates the work of transit authorities and allows them to be able to control reserved spaces.


The credential is valid for the person and not for the vehicle, this means that it can be used in any vehicle that the person is in, including rented cars. It is valid throughout the national territory and is not for life, requiring renewal every two years.


To issue the credential, it is necessary to go to your state’s State traffic department (ADTRAN) with the identity document, CPF, proof of residence, corresponding international disease classification (CID), and a 3 × 4 photo.


What is the punishment for disrespecting the vacancy for people with disabilities?


Parking in a parking space for people with disabilities without being entitled to the benefit is a very serious infraction, so the attitude must be penalized by traffic agents. The punishment can even occur in exclusive places in private places, such as shopping malls and supermarkets.


This type of infraction as provided for in art. 181, item XX, of the Brazilian Traffic Code and determines a fine in the amount of R $ 293.47 and seven points in the driver’s license. As an administrative measure, there is also the removal of the vehicle.


How should parking spaces for people with disabilities be?


According to the Brazilian Accessibility Law, 2% of the city’s parking spaces must be reserved for people with disabilities. Each municipality is responsible for the implementation, management, and inspection of vacancies in its locality. Reserved spaces on roads or public spaces must be close to the pedestrian circulation access and be properly marked.


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